How To Grow Your Business With Organic Social Media

July 13, 2020

How To Grow Your Business With Organic Social Media

Can organic social media posting help you grow your business?

Welcome to Learning with Connexion Solutions.  Today we are going to be talking about growing your business using organic social media posting.  Are you trying to grow your business? Does your business have a Facebook page?  Do you wish you could get more business from social media posting? Do you feel like your social media, is stuck?

If you answered yes, to these questions this video is for you.  We are going to talk about the role; social media plays on today’s advertising.   It's official! As of early 2020, there are over 1.69 billion people on Facebook, and over 80 million small businesses. If you are looking to grow your customer base by just a few hundred a month, Facebook seems like the most logical place to go, so why are you struggling to gain new customers from social media?

There are many reasons to have a page and they are all good ones.   However, this year, if you are looking for business growth, social media alone is not going to be enough.  And organic social media posts are not very likely to ever be seen.  Having said that, let's look at seven important questions, business owners need to consider when using social media to grow their business.

#1; What is your plan?  

How To Grow Your Business With Organic Social Media. Every marketing campaign needs to have a plan, social media marketing is no exception, how many new customers do you want to generate through social media? If your goal is business growth, your posts need to be seen by potential customers.  How many potential customers are seeing your posts?  Are your posts appealing to potential customers? Are you measuring how many customers are seeing your posts? Do you know how many new customers come into your business because they saw you on Facebook?

#2; What do you want to share? 

The idea is to generate content that appeals to your potential customers.  So what do you want to share with them? Is your content full-on business solicitation? Is your content only light-hearted, and completely unrelated to your business?  What would you like to see on your social media feed?  If you constantly see sales advertising from a brand, do you feel compelled to un-follow them?  If you see something very sweet, does it make you think of the brand that shared it?  How are you balancing strong sales content with lighthearted content?

How To Grow Your Business With Organic Social Media

#3; Are you at the right place? 

There are various demographics and several social media platforms.  As of lately, the world has witnessed some very clever Tik Toker challenges trend online, an unlimited stream of make up tutorials on Instagram, and some very intense wedding planning on Pinterest.   So where are your people at?  What platforms are your potential customers using the most?  Facebook may be the place where every community can intermingle, you want your business to be on Facebook, but are you participating enough on other platforms?   Are you generating exclusive content for each type of social media? Why should I follow you on twitter, if I can see the exact same thing on your Instagram?

How To Grow Your Business With Organic Social Media

#4; Are you posting too much, or not enough? 

How often do you post?  Are you posting at the right time? How often do your potential customers want to see your posts?  Are you posting so often they are getting tired of you? Are you posting so little, that they struggle to remember who you are when they see you?  How often can you manage to generate a really fantastic piece of content worth sharing?

How To Grow Your Business With Organic Social Media

#5; Are you engaging? 

Two-way communication, is part of the definition of social media, are you letting potential customers talk?  Are you listening?  Do you interact with your followers?  Do you respond promptly to direct messages? Are you getting valuable information from your potential customers?

#6; Are you promoting your social media pages? 

How To Grow Your Business With Organic Social Media. Are you letting potential customers know they can follow you on social media?  Having the Facebook and twitter logo, on the header and footer of your business’s website, is not going to be informative to anyone, that is not already on your website.  Promoting your social media on your website will not help with business growth.  What other advertising are you doing? Are you promoting your social media on your other advertisement avenues?  Is there an exclusive benefit for new customers who follow you on social media?

#7; Are you expecting results too quickly? 

How To Grow Your Business With Organic Social Media. Did you make the effort to go on social media, made lots of posts, didn’t get new business, and are now ready to throw in the towel?  Are you not seeing the business growth, your business’s livelihood depends on? Is your social media page giving you more problems than benefits?   Could you be expecting too much from organic business posts?

Do you have answers to at least two or three questions, out of the seven? Can you answer all of them?  If you can answer every single one of these questions, if you have a plan, if you are sharing the right content, if you are actively engaging with your social media following.  Why are you still not seeing the new business you need?  The answer is very simple.  There are 350 million pictures posted to Facebook every single day, there are 500 million Facebook stories shared daily.

As a business, your posts have less than .1 percent chances of being seen.  So can you generate new business on Facebook?

Yes, you can.  This is how:

Social media must be a part of a full marketing strategy, and you need to pay to play.  Organic social media posts will very unlikely generate new business for you, paid advertisement, if done correctly can generate as much new business as you can take. We hope this video was helpful and answered your questions regarding organic social media marketing.  We upload content regularly and we look forward to showing you more content very soon.

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