Create Avatars That Boost Revenue [GUARANTEED]

July 13, 2020

Learn How To Create Avatars That Can Boost Your Revenue

Today on Learning with Connexion Solutions we are going to be talking about avatars that boost revenue guaranteed. Have you heard of customer avatars? Do you have one? Is your customer avatar working for your business 100% of the time? If you answered no to all of these questions this quick video we made for you is going to help you understand what a customer avatar is. We are even going to provide you with a 4-question interview process to help you make an effective customer avatar for your business.

If you answered yes, to any of the questions we asked regarding customer avatars, you may be struggling to get the results you were expecting, or have noticed your avatar has stopped working for you, as of lately. If this is your case you probably have more questions and will find this video helpful. At the end of this video you will find a downloadable customer interview guide that will help you create a valuable customer avatar for your business.

Here is the what, why, how, when and who, of customer avatars.

What is a customer avatar?

A customer avatar is an accurate description of your ideal customer. You need to have a personal file that describes your customer. Some companies even give their customer avatar a name. You need to know what they like, how old they are and what characteristics they have. Besides the obvious you need to know what are their fears, what questions they have, what they believe in, and what drives them to buy your products.

Why do I need a customer avatar?

Buyers have changed drastically in the last few years and continue to change with a higher frequency. Brand loyalty is quickly becoming a thing of the past, and it is harder to hang on to when you do manage to get it. Business growth depends on your ability to know your customers. You need to know them better than your competitors and you need to know them better than they know themselves. This is why having a customer avatar is so important for your business today.

How do I know my avatar is accurate?

If your customer avatar stops giving you the results you are used to, you may begin questioning how good it was to begin with. Customer avatars appear to be easy to create, so when they stop working they are easy to discard. Creating a customer avatar that is useful and timeless, depends on how you came up with it. If you take the time to create your customer avatar using real customer data, and you constantly update it. Your avatar should work for you every single time.

How long is my avatar good for?

You only need one customer avatar if you take the time to create it correctly. Once you have created it, you must keep it updated so that it continues to be a useful tool, for your marketing efforts. A customer avatar is without a doubt one of the best tools your marketing team has to deliver results. Since it represents such a high value to your business you will want to make sure you put in the proper work to getting it right.

Who is responsible for creating your customer avatar?

Your CMO is the person in charge of creating your customer avatar. If your avatar is not working correctly you want to make sure your CMO is using deep qualitative buyer research to validate the characteristics they have chosen for your avatar. BPM’s, buyer process maps must also fit into the equation. The buyer process map and avatar characteristics should match the data you are collecting from your customers.

What is the best process for creating my customer avatar?

The best way is to gather actual data from your customers using customer interviews. You want to interview or gather information from prospects while they are still deciding on getting your product. You want to actually interview customers after they have purchased from you as well. The way you ask the question can vary depending on where they are, during their buyer process, however the four key questions are the same. What where they thinking before they knew of your product? What made them realize they needed your product or what triggered them to actively shop for your product? How were they getting along without your product? What values are important to them while shopping for a vendor?

Using these four questions and making sure the data is matched with the buyers process map will enable you to create a very accurate and useful customer avatar.

Customer avatars can be your business’s best allies, which is why we hope we have answered all of your questions regarding this topic.

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This guide includes recommendations on how you should ask these questions in order to get sincere responses from your prospects and buyers. Finally, customers today enjoy buying from companies that know their likes, preferences and create products that work for the, because of this you should not have any problems finding buyers and prospects who will willingly take part in your interview.

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