The Brad Averhill Story

Celebrating 30 Years Of Marketing & Advertising Services.
We are business builders that believe an online presence needs to provide a multiple return on your advertising and marketing spend.
Dateline: June 1991

Humble Beginnings

It all started in 1991 in a garage in southern California. Using an old workbench as a desk and a telephone Brad Averhill Marketing began. After a great deal of hardwork and being in the right place at the right time the company grew. In just 2 years the company was controlling $25 million ad budgets. Throughout the naughty nineties the client roster looked like a who's who.  Looking back on the decade clients included; Bose, ProActive, Bowflex, Anthony Robbins, Ford, GM and Apple.

Started In A Garage
Connexion Solutions Miami Office
The Move West Coast To East Coast

Atom Accelerator Growth​

New Year's 2000, would the computers of the world crash or would things remain the status quo? We sailed into the new millennium and grew the agency with even more new clients; Hyundai, 3M, Citi Bank, Chase Bank, Braun, Microsoft, HP, Jenny Craig, Siemens and others.

We Believe In Process & Systems

We're Not A Full Service Agency

We need to tell you we are not a full service digital agency, but there are many things we don’t do.

We're great believers that your website needs to be your best sales representative working 24/7, never needs a day off or takes vacations and not an art project.

Your marketing dollars are best spent attracting and converting website visitors and not paying a celebrity spokesperson. 

  • We prefer to come up with good ideas and then help you execute it.
  • We are not about getting industry trade awards to tell ourselves just how amazing we are.
  • We are proud that we are a performance based digital marketing company.
  • Everything we do for your business to attract new customers, increase your bottom line.
The World Changed In 2020

Global Footprint - Think Local

We’re one of the first 100% distributed team digital marketing agencies. That's right since the mid-nineties we have had teams in California, New York and Virginia.

As the millennium approached we had our first offshore developers in India.

Today some twenty years later we have team members across the USA, Europe, Mexico, India, Philippines, Indonesia and Australia.

We like how we work, each and every team member works the hours they choose and in the location they select. Some of the team work in big cities, others working in small towns and villages, and yes there are some that work with sand under their toes and palm trees swaying gently in the tropical breezes.

This type of distributed team culture may not work for you and we understand but it sure works for us.
When the global pandemic began in 2020 we were already working from home, cafes, co-working spaces and even the beach. Our business continued with just a few small blips. The world wasn't ready for this but being a distributed team saved both ourselves and our clients from major business disruption.
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