5 Reasons To Use Retarget Marketing To Boost Sales

July 13, 2020

5 Reasons To Use Retarget Marketing To Boost Sales

Welcome to Learning with Connexion Solutions, today we are going to be talking about 5 reasons you need to be doing retarget marketing.

Over the past few weeks, we have been discussing how to increase sales conversions using a variety of tools. We have talked about boosting organic traffic to your website. How to boost conversions using marketing automation with landing pages, and how to improve your marketing efforts using social media in collaboration with your blog. If you have not seen all of these videos you can do so at any time.

By now you may have already seen an increase in traffic as well as an increase in prospects visiting your website or landing pages. If you have implemented landing pages and automatically follow up. You are seeing prospects come in on your CRM and are wondering how you can turn more of those into leads. You may also be wondering why you didn’t implement marketing automation sooner. If this is your case, do not worry. You can still retarget prospects that clicked on one of your ads or came into your website before you had revamped it.

#1; If you pay for a click at an average price of 3 dollars, chances are they were a pretty good prospect.

Unfortunately, you sent them to your website or landing page before you had implemented automation or lead nurturing. Or maybe, it was not the right time for that prospect. Luckily you can always do some retargeting. Retarget marketing is usually anywhere from 5 to 10 cents, compared to the 3 dollars you pay on average. Retargeting represents a significantly lower cost, which is a good reason to use it. 5 Reasons To Use Retarget Marketing To Boost Sales

#2; So either your prospect was not ready to purchase, or your landing page follow-up was not ideal.

On average, you can be converting 3 to 5 percent of prospects clicking on your ad, into clients that purchase. So what happens to the other 95 to 97 percent? Very likely they may still be in the market for your product but have yet to take action. With retarget marketing you may be able to convert up-to 70% of those prospects into leads. 5 Reasons To Use Retarget Marketing To Boost Sales

#3; Retarget campaigns can be run on social media as well as within the Google display network ecosystem.

Retarget ads, can be informative and do not have to be too pushy, we call these display ads. This visual brand presence will make prospects 70% more likely to choose you over your competitors. After shopping around or looking through your website, they are very likely to still be in the market for your product. Display ads make it more likely for them to choose you when they are ready to become a paying client. 5 Reasons To Use Retarget Marketing To Boost Sales.

#4; Prospects who clicked on your initial ad may have called in, clicked on your landing page or browsed through your website.

These prospects have already told you exactly what they are looking for. This gives you the opportunity of retargeting them with a segmented promotional offer. If you know which of your products they looked at, showing them information on that specific product, or that specific family of products can be more effective than showing them generic information about your business. Another approach is to maybe show them a better price or a start-up product from what they originally saw. 5 Reasons To Use Retarget Marketing To Boost Sales.

#5; Prospects are 10 times more likely to click on your ad after they clicked once.

They are also known to perform better by staying on your landing page longer and following through with an op-tin. What’s great about these prospects is that they have a very low cost of acquisition when compared to prospects clicking on an ad for the very first time. What this does is improve your overall cost of acquisition drastically.

If you are looking to boost your return on investment, improve your lead conversion, or lower your cost of acquisition. Retarget marketing can be the perfect solution for you. These have been the top five reasons why you should be using retarget marketing today.

We hope you found this information helpful.

If you need help with retarget marketing to improve your inbound marketing results, just request a consultation.

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We hope you enjoyed this video as much as we enjoyed creating it for you and we look forward to seeing you again real soon.

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