5 Must Do's For SEO Rich Content

July 13, 2020

5 Must Do's For SEO Rich Content

Today on Learning with Connexion Solutions we’re going to be talking about content marketing and how you can easily generate content to attract more potential customers.

Today, we are looking to boost your SEO using Content Marketing.

Copywriting is an important part of a successful marketing strategy. When you are writing content you want to make sure that it educates, excites and engages potential customers. The more content you create, the more chances you have of potential customers coming across your website, blog or social media.

What is the difference between SEO-Rich content and regular content? SEO-Rich content is written using keywords that potential customers are using when searching for your business. How do you create SEO-Rich content that can help your business rank higher on search engines? To help you, here are 5 easy steps you can follow to ensure your content is helping your business’s SEO.

#1; Compile a list of keywords that customers are using when searching for your business.

5 Must Do's For SEO Rich Content. If you have a Plumbing Business in Miami, Florida, potential customers will probably search for PLUMBERS NEAR ME, PLUMBERS IN MIAMI, PLUMBING SERVICES and so on. You can compile a list of keywords utilizing various online tools that show you exactly what keywords customers are using. As an additional measure to compiling a good list of keywords, is searching for the keywords your competitors are using.

#2; Now that you have those keywords you will want to make sure you include them in your content.

5 Must Do's For SEO Rich Content. You can write something useful regarding general plumbing to help potential customers. For example. How to fix a leaking faucet. At Acme Plumbing Company we find that a Leaking Faucet can be repaired in 3 easy steps. Acme Plumbing Company services the city of Miami and often visits homeowners to repair their leaking faucets. This is how you can go about fixing it…….

#3; You should always use pictures or videos as part of your content.

5 Must Do's For SEO Rich Content. These images and videos should include keywords describing the picture as part of the file name, and must also include keywords.

#4; Update your content every 3 to 6 months.

5 Must Do's For SEO Rich Content. Search engines strive to provide updated, correct and relevant information, because of this they will always keep track of when your last update was. The newer the information is the more likely it is to be up-to-date, which is why recently updated information will very likely rank higher.

#5; Ask Search engines to scan your site for content.

If you have not already done so you want to have search engines scan your website. Add site and click on Fetch Site, this can be done for your entire site or a specific page which can be done by providing the specific URL.

These were the five steps you must follow to start generating SEO Rich content for your business. Remember writing SEO content will help your website, blog and pages a lot with search engine ranking. Ranking high on search engines is a great free way to generate inbound traffic, which is something that you could never get enough of.

We hope you found this information helpful if you enjoyed this content.

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We hope you enjoyed this video as much as we enjoyed creating it for you and we look forward to seeing you again real soon.

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