5 Finest Font Styles for Good UI Web Design in 2020

August 20, 2020

Let's start with the fundamentals: what is a font? It is the visual representation of text that can come in varying typefaces, point sizes and even weights. Typography is very important and it includes the font style, from its structure to appearance. Hence, this medium of communication is more than simply a string of words. Wielding the best font styles when establishing your brand name guide or for use in your website style can highlight the right emotions and messages you want to interact.

At the rate of today's digital intake, it is vital for an effective User interface (UI) Design and the choice of font can be your really one distinguishing element. As a web development company, we all understand how much time is spent on choosing on the right fonts and pairings to convey the right messages.

1. Open Sans

A modern-day and well-known font, it is commonly used across the print, web and even mobile interfaces. Utilizing this easy-to-read font can help your users to view details comfortably due to its clean and neat presentation. Showing professionalism, this lovely font can easily get the trust of your consumers in your next web style.

Best paired with: Libre Baskerville, Lora, Montserrat, Playfair Display, Nunito, Nunito Sans

2. Montserrat

A geometric sans-serif typeface, Montserrat is a typeface adored by numerous web and UI designers. Inspired by the signages in her hometown, Montserrat is an unique font produced by designer Julieta Ulanovsky which is complimentary for individual and industrial usage. Targeting the functionality style element in UI, Montserrat can be your figuring out factor if users continue to inquire and get to their wanted location in your website.

Finest paired with: Open Sans, Playfair Display, Lato, Lora, Didot

3. Playfair Display

The first serif font in this list, this font displays an old charm, yet with a modern touch. Best suited for headers and subheaders, Playfair Display is a sophisticated font that works excellent for websites and mobile applications. Give it a go and use this font for your blog sites or portfolios even!

Using this font as your header or subheader can be of huge advantage to you as it aids with information hierarchy. With this font, you might use larger font sizes for headers and it stands out as info that your user should pay attention to.

Finest paired with: Roboto, Lato, Open Sans, Poppins, Georgia, Futura

4. Roboto

This Google font is a versatile and timeless font style that sets well with several other font styles. It is tidy and bold typography that was produced by interface designer for Google, Christian Robertson. The Roboto typeface has 4 families with several weights:

Roboto household Roboto Slab Roboto Condensed Roboto Mono

Perfect for sites, this extensive series of font families is yours to play around with when checking out readability and content density in your typography. Ensuring that there suffices area to breathe between your style elements and even within your text modules, will permit your site users to have reading comfort while improving usability.

Best paired with: Roboto Piece, Open Sans, Lato, Playfair Display, Montserrat, Roboto Mono, Oswald

5. Gotham

Another sans-serif to our list, this font is inclusive of a lowercase, italics and a comprehensive range of widths and weights. When your audience keeps in mind the typefaces utilized in visuals, this reveals how a font is of great value to your branding.

Finest coupled with: Open Sans, Brandon Grotesque, Roboto, Futura

Patterns go and come however it is very important to be on top of them. Identify website design trends that might dominate the year 2020 and work your typography to best represent your brand or company.

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