Brad Averhill Marketing

Lead Generation For Global Brands.
Don’t risk your brand with just anyone. At Brad Averhill we wrote the book on direct response marketing. With over 30 years in business our systems are proven to work.

Experience The Fully Managed End-To-End Business Growth System.

You’re here now because something’s not right.

You’ve hit the “brick wall” and your business isn’t growing as you wanted. You’re sick and tired of all the costly marketing “silver bullets” that didn’t work.

At Brad Averhill, we help brands solve these business growth problems.

Our proprietary marketing systems and strategies can actually set your business on a laser focused new trajectory of growth that will ultimately deliver the results you want.

Truth is, you just can’t find this anywhere else. Over 30 years has gone in to perfecting the Midas Method™.

The Midas Method Is 3 Pillars That Work Together For Repeatable, Predictable Business Growth.

The Midas Method is the flawless execution of  Clarity+, Core and Amplify working together with our Behavioral Dynamics System you’ll have a proven predictable business growth system that is 100% managed for you.


Grow your business with a clear and concise brand message. One that educates, excites and engages. Tell your story to your perfect customer. With Clarity+ achieve your SMART goals using the proprietary Midas Method strategy.


Core is the 100% fully managed marketing and growth solution. Core is websites, emails, landing pages, Ai chatbots, sms messaging, crm integration, telephoney and so much more. It is the technical component of the Midas Method.


Amplify is our proprietary media strategy, creative, placement and ai automation system that drives hot fresh leads and customers in droves while delivering the perfect message at exactly the right time in the customer journey.

Who Are The Brad Averhill Clients

Since the founding of the direct response agency in 1991 we have had the privilage of working with some of the largest global brands on many campaigns over many, many years.

Why Choose Connexion Solutions Digital Marketing

Exponential Growth

Our digital marketing strategy drives more visitors to your website. We convert visitors to customers.

30 Years Of Marketing Trust

Since 1991, we have been providing marketing and advertising services to grow businesses.

A Team That Cares

We treat you like family and when you archive your goals, you help us achieve our goals.


We develop winning inbound digital marketing campaigns with lead acquisition, retention, CRO, with a goal of engagement and 10X your business.

No Risk Agreement

As long as you are happy with the results, stay with us. You're paying for results and that's what we deliver every minute of everyday, month in - month out.

No Shenanigans

We do organic 100% natural marketing. We don't cut corners or use any techniques that create a risk. We don't play games with your business.

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